After your Surgery

At Brisbane Weight Loss Surgery our expert team of practitioners offer post-surgery guidance and support to keep you on track to achieving your weight loss goals. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Dr Martin delivers patients world standard results, and recommends the added safety and comfort of an overnight stay in hospital for his procedures. This saves you considerable aftercare expense and enables a quicker, more comfortable recovery in your own home.

Post surgery, the following appointments are required with our Dietitian and Dr Martin:

2 weeks:           Appointment required – Dietitian
4 weeks:           Appointment required – Dietitian and Dr Martin
3 months:         Appointment required – Dietitian
6 months:         Appointment required – Dietitian
12 months:        Appointment required – Dietitian and Dr Martin
18 months:        Appointment required – Dietitian
24 months:       Appointment required – Dietitian and Dr Martin

Of course, we are flexible to people’s needs and are happy to communicate/consult in between these scheduled appointments.

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Beyond the above post-op appointment schedule, we recommend 12 monthly appointments with Dr Martin to ensure you are staying on track and reaching your health goals.

It is not unusual to have mixed feelings about your procedure. Although a reduction in food intake will be immediate, maintaining a suitable diet and reasonable level of exercise will still be challenging for some. It’s important to discuss these feelings with our dietitian and they can help you achieve change that is manageable and keep you on track to realising your goals.

If you experience any problems at any stage after surgery, do not wait for your next scheduled appointment, contact our clinic to make a time to see Dr Martin.

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Scheduling an appointment is an important first step towards sustainable weight loss and a healthier, brighter future.

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