Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the initial consultation?

Do I need a referral from a General Practitioner?

How soon can I have an initial consultation?

How soon can I have surgery?

Am I eligible for weight loss surgery?

Which weight loss surgery is best for me?

How much weight will I lose?

How quickly is the weight lost with a Sleeve?

Is the Sleeve Gastrectomy reversible?

Can I have bariatric surgery if I smoke?

How long will the recovery be?

What will I be able to eat after the surgery?

What will follow up be?

When can I start exercising again after surgery?

Will I need to diet or exercise after my procedure?

How long before I can drive again?

Is after-hours care provided?

Will I lose my hair after weight loss surgery?

How can I find out if my health fund will cover my hospital costs?

I have 'Top cover'- why do I still need to pay a gap?

Do I need Private Health Insurance?

Can I use my superannuation to pay for weight loss surgery?


Do I need to be on a diet and see the Dietitian prior to surgery?

How many times do I need to see the Dietitian after surgery?

How often do I need blood tests following surgery to check my vitamin levels?

Do I need vitamin supplements following my surgery?

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