If additional support is needed, the expert team of psychologists at Weight Management Psychology can give ongoing one-on-one support to our patients to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

At Weight Management Psychology, they understand the importance of working in a multidisciplinary team to support you for success throughout your weight loss journey. They will work closely with Dr. Martin and the other members of the team to help you get the best outcomes before and after surgery.

Common things psychologists help patients with are:

  • Overcoming emotional eating and desires for high calorie foods
  • Talking to others about surgery and managing changing relationships with weight loss
  • Successfully managing changes in lifestyle and habits (e.g., physical activity) after surgery
  • Acknowledging the changes your body makes after surgery (and addressing any ongoing body image concerns), &
  • Enhancing mental well-being and reaching other important life goals

Although these are some of the common areas we support patients with, you are welcome to talk with your psychologist about whatever you feel will be most helpful for you. The aim is to help you get the most out of this powerful tool for weight loss and turn your life around!

Weight Management Psychology has a team of experts with a wide variety of special interests, including eating, physical activity, weight, body image, mental health, trauma, relationships, and general psychology.

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For fee information and to book in with a psychologist, please email the friendly Weight Management Psychology client services team or call us on (07) 3358 3312.
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